At New Consensus, we develop reports and plans for tackling the world's biggest problems. See some of our projects below.

In a good future, human civilization will use the next decade for a massive mobilization to combat the intertwined crises of climate change, political and economic inequality, and social injustice: a Green New Deal. We will minimize the energy and resource extraction required for every person on the planet to flourish. HTransformations to both infrastructure and the dominant culture will blur and erase the boundary between the ‘human’ and ‘natural’ world, creating “an economy aligned with life, not stacked against it.” Building this future will require biological technology.

To tackle the novel coronavirus, we propose mobilizing our economy and the military to produce the supplies America needs. This includes everything from PPE to essential goods and services. In the meantime, we must mitigate long-term economic damage with emergency measures to support individuals and businesses to keep our economy from having a catastrophic collapse. Read our plans detailing how to do this.

The Green New Deal will be the most ambitious and transformative national project since Franklin Roosevelt’s original New Deal and World War II economic mobilizations. Through a combination of investments not only in communities and public infrastructure, but also in private industry, we can accomplish a sweeping transformation of our entire economy to build a clean, thriving society.

In 2017, New Consensus began originally as a project called Left Right Forward. Our goal was the same: present a new, positive worldview for how to intentionally tackle our biggest problems. To do that, we began by creating a set of YouTube videos trying to explain in simple terms some of the fundamentals of how an economy works and why we are facing some of the big problems we face today.

We can't afford to keep the status quo.

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