By Saikat Chakrabarti on

Every country goes through periods of mobilization followed by periods of maintenance which quickly turn into longer periods of decline. America has been a nation in decline for decades now. The Coronavirus crisis and our complete failure to mobilize to respond to it has brought this larger decline into the...

By Zack Exley on

SARS-CoV-2, or Coronavirus, is a virus that infects both individuals and nations. In human bodies, it infects cells of the lungs, creating an immune response that interferes with breathing in serious cases. In some patients, it goes on to attack other organs such as the heart. Some traits, such as...

By Zack Exley on

“They are either going to have to pay people or shoot people. One or the other.” That’s what Corbin Trent said the other night after we had shared some stories we’d heard of desperate small businesses and laid-off workers suffering through the Coronavirus crash. It hit me that few people in...

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