What is the New Consensus?

A truly beautiful world is possible, and we can build it in one generation—a world without poverty or pollution, with prosperity and dignity for everyone. The obstacles to achieving that world are political, not technical. Technically, humanity has everything it needs to create that world: billions of creative, hard working people, constantly-improving technology that can allow us to make a comfortable living safely and sustainably, and unlimited energy from the sun to power that technology.

The political obstacles blocking us from that world include wealthy and powerful elites who instinctively and understandably want to keep the world as it is today—but also stifling and inaccurate ideas about technology, society, economics, government and business that have dominated mainstream thinking for more than half a century.

A new consensus is rising. It is driven by a new generation of thinkers and leaders who reject the old neoliberal consensus, or “Washington Consensus,” that seeks to diminish the public’s role in the economy. The New Consensus recognizes that government and other public institutions play a critical role by setting goals and marshaling resources every time a national economy has renewed and reinvented itself.

New Consensus thinkers are exploring how government and other public institutions can lead the transition to a green economy, close wealth and income gaps between different groups within economies, spearhead long-term, high-risk innovation and research, kick start new high industries, and more.

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